John H. Gibson

Computer Science Student
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania



Currently a student mentor and tutor for the Computer Science Living and Learning Community at Bloomsburg University, and a software engineering intern working with the Systems Engineering and Engineering Methods branch at NASA Langley Research Center. Enjoys working primarily with OOP technologies and web development, with a particular interest in user experience design.

Work Experience

  • GIS Intern, Columbia County GIS

    Jan. 2019 - Present 1 month

    • Completion of comprehensive GIS curriculum consisting of necessary geospatial skills.
    • Assisting the director of the county GIS office with current data maintenance workflows.
    • Examining workflows where automation can assist in improving productivity and reducing error.
  • Applications Development Intern, Qurate Retail Group

    Jun. 2018 - Aug. 2018 3 months

    • Assisted porting transaction services from IBM mainframes to Java Spring Boot micro-services.
    • Implemented circuit-breaker pattern into those services using Netflix's Hystrix framework.
    • Built a Master Data Management system to relate and organize the voluminous IT portfolio across Qurate's 8 companies.
    • Built the MDM web application, first in React, then ported to Angular 6.
    • Worked on CI/CD pipeline for MDM application which involved Jenkins and SSH deployments.
  • Software Engineering Intern, NASA Langley Research Center

    Jun. 2017 - Aug. 2017 3 months

    • Developed a Java plugin for MagicDraw to enable system engineers to track changes to UML projects, synchronize these changes with their team's SharePoint sites, and notify team members of changes.
    • Designed and built a React.js webapp to view, comment, and track the diagrams of a project in its present state.
    • Created tools to generate project changelogs, structure project data as JSON, and store user configurations in XML
    • Led major project design overhauls to accurately meet the user interface needs of the systems engineering department.
  • Student Living and Learning Community Mentor, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

    Aug. 2016 - Present 3 years

    • Supporting the academic success and wellness of freshmen in the Computer Science program.
    • Tutoring mentees in Computer Science and Mathematics courses.
    • Planning and organizing events for members of the Living and Learning Community.
    • Establishing server infrastructure and applications for use by LLC members.
    • Building and programming GoPiGo robots in Python with LLC members and faculty directors.


  • B.S. in Computer Science, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

    Aug. 2015 - Exp. May 2019|Cum. GPA: 3.65

    • Dean's List: Spring 2016 - Present.
    • Received the Henry Carver Math, Science, and Technology Scholarship awarded to promising students in the College of Science and Technology.
  • Polish Language and Culture, Jagiellonian University

    Winter Semester 2017-18, 2018-19|Cum. GPA: 4

    • Coursework in International Relations, Central and Eastern European Film & Literature, European Jewish Experiences, & Post-Communist Transformations.
    • Served as a mentor for other students within the study abroad program & guided them through various cities.


  • BloomBus
    A cross-platform real-time tracking system for Bloomsburg University campus shuttle buses.

    • Designed and tested various hardware and software approaches to support real-time tracking.
    • Created mesh networks between GPS receivers using XBee radio transmitters.
    • Wrote a React PWA front-end for viewing bus routes, bus stops, current bus positions & ETAs.
    • Wrote an Android app for buses to track its current location & upload to Firebase.
    • Wrote serverless functions in TypeScript for watching bus proximity to bus stops & cleaning up DB.
    • Coordinated with heads of facilities, transportation, and community governance management to adopt this system.
  • TapCache
    An Android app for geocache style communication using NFC tags.



  • ACM Member/Officer

    Aug. 2015 - Present

    • Vice-President, Fall/Spring 2017-2018.
    • Set up an OpenStack private cloud environment on donated networking hardware for student projects.
    • Competitor for BU's ACM student chapter programming competition team.
    • Providing tutorial services for 3-4 hours a week in Computer Science and Mathematics courses.
  • Volunteer/Member

    Jun. 2018 - Aug. 2018

    • Partcipated in classes in woodworking, leatherworking, vinyl cutting, & metal casting.
    • Taught a course series titled 'Getting Started With Web Development'
    • Worked with Makerspace members to get DIY 3D printers running.


  • Interpreted Languages JavaScript (ES6+) TypeScript Python
    Compiled Languages Java (Networking, Databases, JSP/Servlets) C C++
    Platforms React Angular6 Node.js jQuery Express.js Bootstrap Webpack/Gulp+Browserify
    Cloud & Data Firebase Google Cloud Platform (GCN) Amazon Web Services (AWS) MongoDB SQL JSON XML
    Other Git Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) HTML5&CSS3 ArcGIS (ArcMap 10.6 & Pro) Android Development LaTeX

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